Family Retreats and Team Building

Helping Make Your Family Retreat The Best Week Possible

Jump for JoyCONCEPT
At The Gasparilla Leadership Center, we believe in learning by doing. Take a family with varied interests, ages, skills and backgrounds, put them together in an outdoor setting, present them with a challenging situation, and watch the memories begin to grow. All of our adventure learning activities are geared at creating experiences from which a family  can learn team-based skills and create memories that last.

Founded on the principle that “the family that laughs together lasts”, The Gasparilla Leadership Center is here to bring your retreat to life, revitalize existing relationships, and help you take your family members to new heights. We’ve built a reputation by creating innovative team building programs that develop strong, productive results, and are just downright fun.


summer pre-occupation for the young who are into surfingAPPROACH From the moment of first contact, The Gasparilla Leadership Center works with you as a partner. The content, flow and details of your experience will be custom designed, based on your desired outcomes. Our creative process is an interactive one. Once we’ve designed a custom program, we look to all parties involved for input and ideas. This winning formula, will help you and your family achieve their goals. Whether you choose to have us facilitate relationship building through the use of The Myers Briggs Type Indicator, or decide to scour the island for clues using our proprietary ScavengerOx program, we can design a program that will be both meaningful and memorable your extended family.

Our President, Duane Zobrist, passionately believes in experiential based training and development. He was first introduced to the experiential concept while earning his Masters

Degree in Public Administration, and has been a proponent of its’ strengths from that point onward. Duane is involved in the program design and often in the facilitation as well.  Duane’s enthusiasm and desire for everyone to excel seems almost infectious. Whether your family is learning the skills necessary to navigate our orienteering course, paddling the waters of the Gasparilla in a recreational kayak, or learning the nuts and bolts of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Duane and his staff are here to infuse a combination of humor and success.


Located on the shores of Gasparilla Island, our office sits in one of the finest island communities, Boca Grande, FL. The combination of our skilled facilitators, quality equipment, and creative programs, guarantees your family retreat will be a success. Whether you are interested in an indoor organizational effectiveness workshop, such as Personal Preferences and Team Performance, or are looking to galvanize your families relationships, we have the resources to make it happen.